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Center for Environmental and Occupational Medicine


“Why me?” and “Why now?” do have answers.
For over 40 years, COEM has offered many people, who've already seen  numerous physicians without benefit, the opportunity to find causes  behind their signs and symptoms and the means for restoring health by  addressing the total body stress load. Our center differs from other  programs not only in the scope of services provided, but in our  experience treating complex and chronic illnesses.

About COEM:

The Center for Occupational and  Environmental Medicine provides personalized and preventative treatment  for pediatric and adult patients. We specialize in Environmental, Functional and Integrative Medicine,  which are board-certified and evidence-based fields of medicine. We  find the root cause of your illness and give you the answers you’ve been  looking for.

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La Vie En Rose Hair Salon

Jackie is based out of Charleston SC. Working her way up in full service salons, she recently steppe

Jackie is based out of Charleston SC. Working her way up in full service  salons, she recently stepped out on her own as an independent  owner/stylist. Wedding hair and event styling has become a passion and  the focus of her business. She provides wedding services primarily in  Charleston, but has traveled as far as the Bahamas to make a bride's day  super special. Always staying on top of current trends to provide you  with the most up to date bridal styles Jackie is driven to make you feel  your best when it counts the most!

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